Cancer STEM Lab

Advanced Therapies & Cancer

We are an emerging group, willing to build a STEM laboratory: we want to work in a Sustainable way, to develop science with a clear purpose of Transferability and to be a team entrenched in Empathy and Motivation.

We have a wide experience on Stem Cells and lately we have become especially interested in Advanced Differentiation Therapies.

Our main goal is to develop effective anti-tumoral therapies, targeting Cancer Stem Cells.

We aim to design novel differentiation strategies, also applicable to other diseases that require tissue regeneration such as Type 1 Diabetes.

To meet us, know more about our research projects or join our Cancer STEM lab, visit this web and contact  María Salazar Roa



Welcome to our STEM Lab to our students!

Welcome to our new students for the academic year 2022-2023: Daniel Lorenzo (AECC student) & Paula Gijón (TFG)

October 19: the world celebrates the International Day against Breast Cancer

On October 19 the WHO celebrates the International Day against breast cancer: we all aim to raise awareness and promote woman´s access to timely and effective controls, diagnoses and treatments.

Cancer STEM lab starts

“The artist, the scientist, the traveller…: all embrace uncertainty as their muse. What is going to happen next is more enticing that what is happening now. The thrill of anticipation, the mystery of the unknown, the open road, mistakes as portals of discovery, the inevitability of change, purpose from chaos, questions leading to answers, failure as the threshold of knowledge… Nothing moves forward except by the craving to seek certainty from uncertainty”.

Congrats, Nuria!

Nuria is awarded with the prestigious AECC Predoctoral Fellowship 2020.

Setting the basis for "Girls-Teaching-Girls"

We are proud to take active part of the Global Innitiative for Inspiration and Education of STEAM girls: The Girls-Teaching-Girls (GTG). The program is getting started. We will keep you informed about the progresses!!

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